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★★★★★ Excellent customer service!

"Best Orthodontic Experience...hands down! We have our 3rd child going into braces and we wouldn't want anyone else but Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. Marrecau and their staff to take care of our children. This office is highly professional- but treats you like family, they are kind, gentle and very experienced- our children actually look forward to going to the orthodontist! If you want an honest, experienced, and positive orthodontic experience for your child, or for yourself, go to the greatest orthodontists, Drs. Marrecau & Rodriguez" - by Samantha D.



"Drs. Marrecau & Rodriguez are by far the best orthodontists I have been to. The office staff is professional and kind, and the office is fun to be in while I wait for my daughter...coffee is always hot and the magazines current! Not to mention my daughters' teeth are BEAUTIFUL...Thank you Dr. Marrecau and Dr. Rodriguez for exceeding my expectations over and over again." - by Robert S.


★★★★★ Great Office

"The office and staff are very nice. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my orthodontist. I have been taking my daughter to Drs. Marrecau & Rodriguez for the past year. All of the office staffs are friendly and courteous. The feeling I get when I walk in is a nice, calm atmosphere, where everyone is working together. People are happy, and kids are happy. Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Marrecau are nice people in addition to being very good orthodontists. They are not pushy and are very down to earth - normal, everyday people. I am now ending treatment with my oldest daughter and beginning with another. I am comfortable and happy with both orthodontists and would not want to go anywhere else. I love the idea that two orthodontists are taking care of my children and looking over the entire treatment, it is like a team care. They are the best!! Their work exceeded my expectations. I endorse this office without hesitation." - by Simon's Family



"When we researched the best orthodontist for our children, one practice was recommended over and over again by our friends: Drs. Marrecau & Rodriguez. Their expertise, built on some of the most impressive credentials in their profession, is truly leading edge. They, along with everyone on their team, are highly professional, very friendly and care deeply about their patients. Your expertise and your friendly staff are number one. As a mother, I thank you for making my job so much easier: My two kids eagerly look forward to coming to see you. Kids, teens and adults achieve their ideal smiles here in an upbeat, fun and supportive atmosphere. When we saw how great our children's smiles looked, we both had our teeth straightened as well!" - by Samantha & Diego D. 2011



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent orthodontic care I have received over the past few years. I am completely satisfied with the results of Invisalign. I particularly liked the ease and convenience of Invisalign. Also, I appreciate the members of your staff. They are professional, courteous, and welcoming. They are a reflection of your excellence and your dedication to your patients." - by Natalia L.



"We love the treatment we receive... perfection is the end result with nothing less. Appointments are scheduled conveniently, and the office team really takes the time to get to know all of their patients. The orthodontic team is amazing! I am so grateful for Drs. Marrecau, Rodriguez and their staff. The best care ever from the very start, the staff and the orthodontists explained and answered every question by my 12-year-old daughter and myself. This was the first of three consultations we had, and they even answered questions we had from the other two consultations. The treatment has gone exactly as planned with no surprise fees. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. I have felt like part of their family since day one. They love what they do and it shows. I look forward to saving up all my tokens for a really big prize! We are so grateful for Dr. Marrecau, Dr. Rodriguez and their staff." - by Cinthia P.


★★★★★ Hooray for Marrecau & Rodriguez Orthodontics!

"We have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Marrecau, Dr. Rodriguez and their entire office! Two of my kids are receiving orthodontic care and the results so far have been fantastic for both. Never there has been a problem or hassle getting appointments or being seen on time. Both my kids really like the staff and the wonderful team of orthodontists, and they feel comfortable and relaxed getting the care they need. I highly recommend Marrecau & Rodriguez Orthodontics on all points to consider when deciding on an orthodontist. They are really good at what they do, and both operate a very efficient and friendly practice. Wonderful, professional, well organized and friendly - an excellent orthodontic office! They're great!" - by Alisson M.



"I have been a patient here for over a year and I can tell you that Marrecau & Rodriguez Orthodontics provides a comforting feel that should remind every patient of their younger years. I took my son to the office when he was about 7 years old. His teeth were beginning to get crowded and his upper palate was too narrow. In addition he had a really bad under-bite. Dr. Marrecau & Dr. Rodriguez explained clearly the process each step of the way. Even once when my son had "brace emergencies" with an uncomfortable wire, Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. Marrecau and their staff handled it efficiently and quickly. In addition, the office is set up in a very friendly and inviting manner. After one year and a half my son has perfect teeth. His upper palate has been broadened and his under-bite is forever gone. Every time I look at his smile, I thank Dr. Rodriguez & Dr. Marrecau. I highly recommend them for the orthodontic treatment of your family. We have felt like part of their family since day one. They love what they do and it shows. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. The staff is amazing and there is plenty to do while waiting for service, at least for the kids. ALSO, they have games that will sure to keep you company while your orthodontists are actually doing your treatment at the chair. Overall, this place is great for Kids as well as Adults, I highly recommend!!!" - by Jennifer Z.


★★★★★ Excellent Service!!

"My 2 children had braces from Drs. Marrecau & Rodriguez. They and their staff are very friendly and helpful. We never had any problem; they are always available during after-hours for emergency purpose. Once my daughter was feeling uncomfortable and I called Dr. Rodriguez at 9 pm. She responds right away and asked us to meet in the office in 15 minutes. I don't think if anyone can provide service better than that. Thanks to Dr. Rodriguez & Dr. Marrecau and their wonderful staff, my daughter has an amazing Smile! The office is very friendly and provided a very welcoming feeling each and every appointment we had. I was very impressed with the up to date technology. The staff seemed well informed. The contest and games are a blast for all the patients. I would highly recommend them and their team to all our family and friends. Again Thanks for providing such an outstanding service. Smile!" - by Anonymous



"Marrecau & Rodriguez orthodontics are the most detailed, efficient and comfortable office to have your orthodontic treatment. I gladly refer my patients to Drs. Marrecau & Rodriguez, in fact they were my orthodontists too when I needed Limited orthodontic treatment. It was a very comfortable and most professional treatment. I highly recommend them and their friendly team." - by DDS



"Thank you for taking care of our patients needs. Many expressed their appreciation of the result and your professionalism." Thank you- Dr. P. Solar



"My sister Angela and I have enjoyed going to Marrecau & Rodriguez Orthodontics for three years now! We don't enjoy going to the dentist or the Doctor but we love going to you! You always have fun games and activities that we look forward to each time we come. We like getting the prizes. Everyone is very nice there and I love getting the different colored rubber bands for my braces! My sister even wants to be an orthodontist someday, I'm sure it is because she likes you and the assistants so much there! Thank you for all you do!" - by Alexandra O.



"My experience at Marrecau & Rodriguez Orthodontics has been great. Both doctors have great experience and tell you what they're doing, instead of just talking to your parents. Everyone who works on your teeth is very gentle, and does a great job. The assistants are very gentle and they always tell you exactly what to expect. I can't wait to see my smile after I get my braces off, and I'll have to give all the credit to Marrecau & Rodriguez Orthodontics!" - by Marries S.

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